PARTYSAVING Outdoors Gazebo Tent Weight Feet Drum Fill with Water or Sand White (Set of 4) Special Strong Lock, APL1298


Gazebo Leg Weights (Set of 4) – Give your Gazebo extra stability
Suitable for poles between 20*20mm and 30*30mm. Easy to assemble – No tool required
Clipping system can secure in seconds. Easy in and out screws can be fitted in seconds.
Fill with sand or water for additional weight.
Water filled weight = 18 lbs. (Total 72 lbs.)

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Product Description

Weigh down your tent with the PARTYSAVING White Plastic Outdoor 4 Compartment Fillable Weight that is perfect to take to outdoor trips to keep your tents, canopies, or picnic blankets from blowing away. It is made from a texturized heavy-duty plastic that resists outdoor weather making it very durable for different terrain. The plastic outdoor fillable weight comes with 4 secure tops that require no tools to assemble. Simply pop open the top and fill the holes with sand and close tightly (either push or twist to secure). When filled the weights can weigh a total of 18 lbs making them heavy enough to hold equipment down.


– Size Dimension: 10” (Height) x 8.5” (Width)

– 1.8” diameter hole: fill in water or sand to give weight

– White durable textured heavy-duty plastic for outdoor weather resistance and use

– Suitable for poles between 20*20mm and 30*30mm.

– Easy to assemble: No tool required.

– Caps on each compartment for added convenience in filling and emptying.

– One weight feet includes: two plastic latches, and two twistable side knobs to hold contents inside

– Water Filled Weight = 18 lbs.


– (4) White Plastic Outdoor 4 Compartment Fillable Weight

– (8) Plastic Twist Knobs

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 21 x 18.5 x 10 in